Femke Lokhorst


Hi there,

I really like to be part of the making of something artistically awe-inspiring. I have the ambition to do modelling, because I am proud of my body and would like to use it in any artistic way I can and feel like. I am curious to find new ways of expressing my inner person by making use of the outside of me. I would like to learn through collaboration with artists and photographers what possible ways there are that I haven’t thought of. And when I say inner person, it does not necessarily mean the conscious part of myself that I know best. I would like to see what behavior, emotion or expression could be evoked when I ‘lift my veil’.As a model, I might be a little shy in the beginning, but I do have quite a bit of body awareness and I would say about myself that I have a fast understanding what someone wants me to do. I am a calm and patient person. I was a ballroom dancer for 7 years and am doing modern dance now. I also performed in theater plays at high school. Now I study architecture and have a fascination for composition, proportion and light. It might take some time for me to feel at ease, but I am am determined to work hard to find the right expression with my body to find what you as an artist are looking for. Femke